• Automotive Wiring

The actual company’s profile includes the following fields:

  1. Automotive Harnesses Manufacturing

    Production of automotive harnesses/modules is a new direction of activity based on a common cooperation project with the European leader in the field of harnesses production – German Holding LEONI and Japanese holding SUMITOMO. The Department started its activity in august 2011 and includes at this time about 1750 employees. During the next three years about 2500 new workplaces will be created.

  2. Metal and plastic processing

    INTROSCOP also have extensive capabilities for high precision metal and plastic processing. This business unit is developing and manufacturing own products, such as office equipment, industrial articles for general use and molding tools. This production unit is serving as well as support unit for the automotive harness production, offering a wide range of its technical capabilities for manufacturing of technological equipment and spare parts.

  3. Facility management

    The facility management division of INTROSCOP offers for internal, common and external customers production use about 50.000m2 of industrial, storage and office space on approx. 10 ha land in the capital of Moldova. We are open to co-invest and adapt the industrial space to all needs required by the customer. The executive management, as well as shareholders are extremely flexible, being open for all kind of cooperation architecture, comfortable for our partners and profitable for both Parties. Based on our competence and strong experience in reconstruction project implementation, every industrial space could be adapted to customer requirements within almost 3 month.


Policy statement in the field of quality

 "INTROSCOP" SA believes that quality is a priority for the services offered to its customers, but also for internal management processes.

Given the fact that a loyal customer is our reason to exist, we want to satisfy our customers' demands and expectations, respecting at the same time legal regulations and objectives that we have set. The General Director of "INTROSCOP" SA assumes full responsibility to make the quality policy known, understood and applied.

Customer satisfaction is central to our business.

We have established a quality management system according to international standard ISO9001:2015, IATF16949:2016, under which all processes required for making products operate.

In this regard, the General Director of INTROSCOP SA determines the following as quality management elements

  • Functional maintaining of the quality management system in the whole structure of the company, according to the provisions of ISO9001:2015, IATF16949:2016, a system that ensures the achievement of the objectives in the field of quality and continuous improvement of the implemented quality management system;
  • Continuous improvement of products supplied by INTROSCOP SA to its clients by using applicable provisions and recommendations of ISO9001:2015, IATF16949:2016;
  • Continuous communication with customers and the analysis of feedback information to assess their satisfaction;
  • Informing and motivating all staff of "INTROSCOP" SA for quality; the management and executive directions of “INTROSCOP” SA have to assume the responsibility for quality.
  • Aplication of "zero defects" principle, so "everything should be done well the firsttime and every time."
  • Analysis of the causes of deviations from the policy and objectives of "INTROSCOP" SA and establishment of quality improvement measures;
  • Permament training and assessment of staff to ensure its qualification to respond the exigenciesrequested.

Through the quality policy and objectives related, General Director of "INTROSCOP" SA, together with the entire staff of the company, pursue the full satisfaction of customer expectations in terms of economic efficiency and job satisfaction.


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